Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology


ANERT, the State Nodal Agency for implementing and promoting renewable energy programmes have different schemes for general public, institutions and industries, with and without subsidy/incentives from the Central/ State Governments. They are also engaged in promoting research and studies in renewable energy which could lead to modification of technical specifications of systems, upgrading existing models, performance evaluation (on-site & off-site), development of standards/ protocols, etc.

RIET collaborate with ANERT in technical design, development, studies, testing, organizing

Training programmes and also taking up outreach & promotion. RIET would function as a “Renewable Energy Innovation Forum” and ANERT intend to upgrade as a Centre of Excellence of ANERT at a later stage.

Two faculty from our college Prof.Prasanth R and Prof.Asha Joseph Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering got ToT training in SOLAR PV ELECTRICAL SYSTEM from APEX HI-TECH INSTITUTE Bengalure under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Government of India. Training program organized by ANERT      


Renewable Energy Innovation Forum coordinators

Prof.Prasanth R and Prof.Asha Joseph,

Assistant Professors

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering