Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology

The Grievance Redressal Portal attempts to address genuine problems and complaints of Students, Faculty and other Stakeholders. It deals with all types of grievances and complaints. Students, Faculty and other Stakeholders are encouraged to use the suggestion boxes placed on different location of the campus to express suggestions and grievances. They may also approach the members of the grievance redressal cell or any of their other teachers as is comfortable to them.

Students, Faculty and other Stakeholders are requested to note that making a complaint is serious and therefore they are to use this power in a responsible manner. At the same time, the college assures Students, Faculty and other Stakeholders that once a complaint is made, it will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.


The Grievance Committee Members



            Ms. Remya VR,

            AP, CE – 8086259460



Mr. Jinu Raj

Asst Prof, CSE– 9497265124


Ms. Lekshmi Sasidharan

Asst Prof ,CSE– 9495944512


Ms. Sini S.S

HoD in charge Applied Science– 9447026421


Mr. Asok R

Asst Prof, ME- 7012074034






            Ms. Christin Markose

            HoD, ECE - 8075662494


            Ms. Renjini A

            Asst Prof, ECE – 9895318648


            Ms. Shaleena Ambujan

            HoD in charge EEE – 9447375597


            Mr. Dhanesh ML

            Asst Prof,EEE- 9497782539



Students, Faculty and other Stakeholders may also express their grievances online by filling out the form below.


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