Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology


To promote character and value based education in the minds of younger generation in moulding Electronics and Communication Engineering professionals who are ready to face the demands of industrial development and social commitment.


• To provide ethical and value based education by promoting activities addressing the common needs.

• To build up knowledge and skills of students to face the challenges across the globe with confidence and ease.

• Equip students with a broad intellectual spectrum in order to prepare them for diverse and competitive career paths.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):


Attain a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems with an attitude to pursue higher education.


To prepare students to excel in undergraduate programmes and to succeed in industrial and technical profession through global and rigorous education.


To provide students with an academic environment aware of excellence, outstanding leadership and the life-long learning needed for a successful professional career.


To provide practical skills by hands-on experience to the students to apply the knowledge gained on various scientific and technical subjects in order to carry out curriculum based laboratory experiments and team projects.


Contribute to the needs of the society in solving technical problems using electronics & communication principles, tools, and practices and to communicate effectively and manage resources skillfully as members and leaders of the profession.

Electronics engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with the flow of current in a semiconductor devices/components. Semiconductor devices/components are made from semiconductors like silicon germanium GaAs and other material. This is one of the most rapidly advancing field with new ideas and innovations happening every other day. This branch has two divisions Electronics and Telecommunication. The Department has the most sophisticated cutting edge laboratories and proposes to have a separate research centre for advanced collaborative researches in tie ups with foreign universities and MNCs. ECE requires a perfect blend of solid state Electronics, VLSI, Embedded systems, Computers and Communications Engineering, besides, class room and lab sessions. The electronic and communication association conducts seminars on emerging technologies regularly to keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry. Opportunities for fresh electronic graduates exist in Semiconductor industry, VLSI, Software industry Telecom and IT sectors.

The ECE labs include:

  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab
  • Microprocessors and Simulation Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Microwave and Optical Communication Lab
  • Communication Engineering Lab
  • Measurements and Industrial Electronics Lab
  • Electronic Workshop
  • Programming Lab
  • Integrated Circuits Lab
  • Instrumentation and Control Lab