Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology


To be the most preferred program by the students in the college with emphasis on quality, research and development abilities, innovation to develop world class professionals with the right attitudes towards their societal obligations and ethical responsibility.


 • To continually improve upon the resources needed with the state of the art infrastructure and the right ecosystem for fostering innovation, creativity and practical ingenuity.

• To develop in the learners a desire for pursuing higher studies including research and to excel in competitive examinations.

• To interact with industries and other reputed organizations for mutual transfer of knowledge and advancement in the mechanical engineering and allied fields.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO-1 To prepare students for successful careers in industries that meet the needs of Indian and multinational core companies.

PEO-2 To provide students with necessary backgrounds in mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals, required to solve and analysis the problems.

PEO-3 To develop graduates for general engineering by providing a sound foundation in the engineering, Information Technology and inculcate ability to use current techniques and skills to prepare them for Graduate studies and research.

PEO-4 To promote the students with awareness of professional and ethical responsibilities and communication skills and team work needed for successful professional career.

This branch of engineering is concerned with the industrial application of mechanics and with the production of tools, machinery, and their products. The comprehensive B.Tech programme includes knowledge base in design, mathematics, physics, material science, modeling, computing, basic engineering science, humanities and social sciences.

The fallouts of mechanical engineering are evident in every aspect of our life from home appliances to heart valves. The turbo engines, space capsules, cars, ships, heaters, solar cookers, wherever there are machines, the hands & brain of a mechanical engineer must have been involved. The core areas of mechanical engineering include Development, Design, Testing, Manufacturing, Operations, Maintenance and Research. The job opportunities stretch into diverse sectors like defense, manufacturing, IT, energy, entertainment, design, production, research, food technology, automobiles, ship building and so on. The department at RIET provides an extensive course, combined with excellent infrastructural facilities, well equipped labs and workshops. Machine tools, Heat engines etc. Industrial visits and educational tours are an integral part of the curriculum to familiarize the student with the industrial scenario and practical situations.

The department will soon have a post graduate programme and a full-fledged Innovation & research lab which would augment the technical resources. Outreach programmes and consultancies are being worked out so that the students assist the faculty and get exposed to various real world projects.




The major labs in this department are : 

    Basic Workshop
    Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling Lab
    Cad Analysis Lab
    Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab
    IC Engines Lab
    Production Engineering Lab
    Machine Tools Lab
    Thermal Engineering Lab
    Metallurgy and Metrology Lab
    Strength of Materials Lab