Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology

Programme Educational Objectives


PEO 1: To provide students with the knowledge of Basic Sciences and Mathematics in general and Civil Engineering in particular so as to impart the necessary skills to analyze and synthesize the different problems in diversified fields of Civil Engineering

PEO 2: To prepare the Civil Engineering graduates to exhibit effective professional and interpersonal skills.

PEO 3: To provide opportunities for students to work in interdisciplinary projects across the various specializations of Civil Engineering and other disciplines.

PEO 4: To create an understanding among the students regarding the values of life-long learning and to inculcate in them professional ethics, moral values and social concern.


PSO1: Technical Knowledge - Apply Theoretical and Practical Knowledge of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering.

PSO2: Application - Identify, Formulate, Analyze and Design Solutions for the Problems Related to Civil Engineering.

PSO3: Utility - Use Modern Techniques and Procedures in Infrastructure Development..

PSO4: Societal Focus - Perform Social and Environmental Accountabilities as Responsible Civil Engineers.