Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: To prepare graduates to be employed in IT industries and IT Enabled Services (ITES) through constant learning, understanding, and applying new ideas.

PEO 2: To develop good professional and communication skills, ethical attitude, team-spirit, and multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving and an ability to relate to computer science and engineering issues with social awareness.

PEO 3: To comprehend, analyze, design and implement innovative computing products and solutions for real-life problems.

PEO 4: To bring out responsible computing professionals and to take up Masters/Research programmes.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1 Basics of Technical Knowledge : Demonstrate the Principles and working of Hardware and Software Aspects of Computer Systems

PSO2 Design & Development of Solution : Familiarise Effective and Efficient Real Time Solutions using Acquired Knowledge in Various Domains

PSO3 Product & Software Development : Use Professional Engineering Practices, Strategies and Tactics for the Development, Operation and Maintenance of Software

PSO4 Innovation & Life long Learning: Ability to Innovate Advanced Technologies in the Field of Computer Science