Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology

The student grievance cell is constituted for the redressed problems reported by the students like

1.   Difficulties in integrating time schedules for campus based mentoring.

2.    Lack of contributions related to student oriented approaches.

3.    Non transparent or unfair evaluation practices.

4. Issues about faculty performance and behaviour, uncompromising attitude towards the students, discriminatory harassments.

5.    On campus misconduct from seniors/juniors/batch mates.

6.    Posting derogatory or offensive comments on social media.

7.    Harassment and victimization of students, including sexual harassment.

8.    Issues related to domestication of cell phones on campus.

9.    Poor hygiene and improper maintenances of bathrooms and toilets.

     10. Improper maintenance of transportation facilities.

   11. Any other academic/non academic matter not mentioned above.

The Cell constituted of the following members

Chairman: Dr. R Sathikumar (Principal)

Head:  Dr. K Balan (Vice Principal)

Faculty in charge:

1.      Mr. Bipin Thomas (AP in Aero)

2.      Mr. Anil Kumar G (Applied Science)

3.      Mr. Nivin Thomas (AP in Aero)

4.      Ms. Gayathri U V (AP in CE)

5.      Ms. Swathi R (AP in CE)

6.      Ms. Lekshmy Sasidharan (AP in CSE)

7.      Ms. Beena K R (AP in CSE)

8.       Ms. Divya M L (AP in EEE)

9.      Mr. Prasanth R (AP in EEE)

10.  Mr. Nandu B (AP in ECE)

11.  Mr. Krishna Kumar (AP in ME)

12.  Mr. Sreedev C L (AP in ME)

13.  Ms. Lekshmi Lal P L (AP in ECE)


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