Annual Gender Sensitisation Action Plan

Rajadhani Institute of Engineering & Technology, hereafter RIET,is ensuring equal concern for girls and boys in the institution in all curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. RIET, through its proactive faculty, staff and student programs, will look into the following:

Sl. No. Action Responsibility /Action By Time line
1 Provide staff advisor level/psychologist counseling for students or faculty members Staff Advisors/ HoDs/Principal Continuous process
2 Have regular meetings of anti-ragging/ women and student grievances redressal committees for monitoring and evaluation of gender equality in the institution. IQAC Coordinator and conveners of the committee Minimum Two Meeting per Semester
3 Encourage the opening of kindergartens and institutions for children with adequate quality control services. Expansion of the existing capacities of institutions for the care of children Management December 2020
4 Encourage women students and faculty members to start their startups and thus promote women’s entrepreneurship. IEDC Coordinator August 2021
5 Organize seminars and workshops for students on gender quality analyze the program in terms of representation of gender-sensitive language and introducing a standard of gender-sensitive language in curricula Coordinator Woman grievances Redressal cell December 2020
6 Organize training about gender equality, preventing all forms of violence (against children, women, domestic violence, incest, and so on) for the stakeholders in the institution. Coordinator Woman grievances Redressal cell December 2020
7 Continue and strengthen the use of gender-sensitive language in institutional documents, course plans, and other documents. Principal/HoDs/AO beginning of every Semester
8 The development and implementation of all institutional policies (programs and strategies) include a segment of gender equality. Principal December 2020
9 Celebrate the International Women’s Day – the 8th of March HoD CE Department March 2020
10 Organize a public awareness campaign through NSS units of RIET about anti-discrimination statute and mechanisms of protection against gender-based discrimination NSS Programme Officers December 2020
11 Increased knowledge about the human rights of women and gender equality. Principal December 2020
12 Provide cultural/sports competitions on gender basis during annual sports meet/Arts fest Principal May 2021
13 Provide maternity leave for women staff members as per the existing State/Central Government rules. Management
14 Encouraging girl students applying for scholarship schemes and funds especially for women provided through various Central/State Government schemes. Staff Advisors
15 Increased information and awareness of the staff members about the occurrence and consequences of gender-based violence Principal May 2021