Womanhood is something every woman celebrates everyday despite being in any harsh situation. International Women’s Day is the day we celebrate to recognize the struggle and hard work of every female and to give her the respect that she deserves. ‘Dheera’ is a small part of this worldwide celebration, hosted annually by the female civil engineering students of RIET. Dheera for the year 2016 was conducted on 13th March.

Dheera 2K16 was honored to have Justice D Sreedevi as our special guest and she shared her tales of struggle and success. Further she said, gender equality is very important for a healthy society. The milestone to be reached is the basic information for a girl child in every family education will during awareness among the society which will further result in overall development of nation and its community. We cannot exempt the presence of the strong woman who is the Head of our Department Prof. Joisy M B, who inspires every student in our college.

The event started with a prayer song, which then went on to a speech by our guest of honor. The event was incredible with many programs organized by the female students along with the Mrs. Dheera competition, finally wrapping up with a message of spreading positivism and strength of being a woman.