• To educate the girl students about the different types of violence against them
  • To provide knowledge about the different tips of self-protection to keep in mind in different situations
  • To show case and give demo on different self defence techniques

Self defense training is a powerful source of empowerment for women. Women who complete a comprehensive ,feminist self defense class report increased self confidence, reduced fear,more comfortable interactions with strangers, acquaintances and intimates, more positive feelings about themselves and their bodies and a general sense of self- worth and empowerment. As a part of international women’s day celebration, Civil Engineering Department conducted a self defense class on 6th March 2018. After the inaugural session and felicitation ceremony, demonstration of the self defence technique followed under the command of Mrs. Sulfat Ali & Mrs. Jayamary (from Kerala Police Department) and Advocate Krishna. They narrated some instances related to Domestic Violence, Dowry, Cruelty by husband & in-laws, Sexual Harassment in public, private, or the workplace, Stalking, Obscene Calls that comes to the Special Police Unit for assistance. She pointed out why it is necessary to attend and train oneself with this kind of training programmes. Girls and faculty members  from all departments attended the training programme.