The campus life at RIET provides the opportunity to understand and learn other cultures, shed inhibitions and work in a team. There are various campus activities like technology/scientific clubs, technology fests, sports, cultural activities, celebrations, and student clubs and more that provide the platform for showcasing individual talents and creativity of the students. These activities also build organizational capabilities amongst the students and pave way to their leadership development. Further the extra-curricular activities also help in shaping the overall personality of the students and in bringing out their hidden potential.


There are several student clubs and department wise scientific associations for the students to actively participate. Some of the Technology Association/Clubs in the campus are:

Nature Club: Members of the Nature Club promote environment protection, biodiversity and ecological awareness by organizing debates, discussions, field trips, seminars, and related activities.

Athletics & Sports Club: The club organizes sports activities in the campus and inter-collegiate tournaments every year. RIET has facilities for indoor roof top cricket field, football, table tennis, badminton, basketball and volleyball.

Arts club: The club organizes various arts programs to promote the talents of the students. The celebrations of festivals and other cultural events are also under the purview of this club.

Women’s club: Women’s club works to empower the women of the local community and create awareness of the problems faced by women. The club also utilizes ICT for education of girls, solving problems of working woman and assertive training.

Youth Red Cross Unit: The Youth Red Cross Unit is the group of volunteers who undergo training in First Aid to get certified as First Aid Practitioners. They then organize medical camps, blood donation camps and aim at giving support to the deserving and marginalized sections like the differently-able and aged people of the society.

Creative Workshop: The purpose of Creative Workshop is to strengthen the skills and enhance the creative/critical thinking of the students. Several activities are arranged like interactions with theater groups, personalities in the field of drama, film, literacy, media etc. for exposing them to a range of artistic practices.

Recreation & Fitness Center: The recreation facilities like watching TV, playing caroms, table tennis etc. are made available. Multi-functional fully equipped fitness center and gymnasium is also designed in the campus.

Annual Day Celebrations:During the Annual Day Celebrations at RIET, competitions in different categories of events are held. Arts and Cultural programs form the core part, thereby exhibiting the talents of our students.