ANERT, the State Nodal Agency for implementing and promoting renewable energy programmes have different schemes for general public, institutions and industries, with and without subsidy/incentives from the Central/ State Governments. They are also engaged in promoting research and studies in renewable energy which could lead to modification of technical specifications of systems, upgrading existing models, performance evaluation (on-site & off-site), development of standards/ protocols, etc.

RIET collaborate with ANERT in technical design, development, studies, testing, organizing

Training programmes and also taking up outreach & promotion. RIET would function as a “Renewable Energy Innovation Forum” and ANERT intend to upgrade as a Centre of Excellence of ANERT at a later stage.

Two faculty from our college Prof.Prasanth R and Prof.Asha Joseph Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering got ToT training in SOLAR PV ELECTRICAL SYSTEM from APEX HI-TECH INSTITUTE Bengalure under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Government of India. Training program organized by ANERT      

Renewable Energy Innovation Forum coordinators

Prof. Prasanth R. and Prof. Asha Joseph,

Assistant Professors, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering